The Wanderer of the Globe

Living life to the fullest


When I was a little girl, I would often be asked – what do you want to be when you grow up?  and without thought I would reply “I want to travel the world”.  Being born in a small town, most just laughed and thought it was cute.   It’s the one thing about me that has never changed.  With over 55 countries of travel, multiple round the world trips and “extended” vacations, I continue to be blessed by my obsession to travel the world and discovering all it’s mysteries has become my ultimate goal.

I don’t stay in 5 star resorts, hell I don’t even stay in motels!!  I don’t fly first class, and I don’t eat the finest foods.  Exploring is what I love to do, I want to see the hidden sites, the ones that aren’t advertised across the world.  I want to meet people and learn their family recipes, I want to go fishing or diving or hiking.  I want to wake up every morning free to find an adventure.  I want to go wherever the day decides I should go.

I write honestly and from the bottom of my heart, I encourage everyone to travel even if for just a short trip.  Be adventurous and remove yourself from your comfort zone, walk in someone else’s shoes and explore!

Not all those who wander are Lost.”  J.R.R. Tolkien