Where does the time go?

It’s all passing too quickly, England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Germany and now the Czech Republic.  We are skipping through like speedy Gonzales in a race, the money burns in our pockets while our little feet clack against the sidewalks trying to cover as many sites as we can.  The air is cold and on the plus side there is no such thing as a warm beer here, because even if given to you warm the air will chill it in no time.

The buildings are carved with all these intricate details and I think I’ve sprain my ankle at least a dozen times from stepping off a curb or in a hole while looking up instead of where i’m going.  I’m not learning and I repeat it daily.

I’m a huge fan of this open borders thing, except for the lack of stamps in my passport.  Who knew I cared so much about such a petty thing, but it would be nice to be filling up the passport with stamps from all these places, so instead I’m picking up postcards as a reminder or perhaps proof that I’ve been here.

Wifi has been the hardest thing to get… I KNOW RIGHT… IN EUROPE!!! But man, it never works… Now perhaps because we are staying in hostels and really low budget Airbnb places, reaching wifi that functions for more than 5min has been the challenge of the trip.  It’s meant that we are really left on our own to discover though, we walk around aimlessly (I mean really, what else are we to do) and just discover the greatest of places and sometimes the worst but at least we can laugh at it after.  On occasion when we find nothing or when we just get lazy our solution seems to be – find a bar and drink a beer!




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