I found my happy :)


It’s definitely not a quality, but I simply can’t see it as a flaw.  So for now i’ll consider it a unique way of life.  When I decide to pack my bags and go anywhere once again.  I mean really go somewhere, quit my job, pack up my house, sell my car and things – these material things that really add no value to my life.  I get liberated and an instant joy like none other takes over.  I wake up smiling, no matter where it may be.  Sometimes I score and sometimes I fail. Like right now, i’m living in some questionable neighborhood and I double check all the locks before I go to sleep, the bathroom has bugs and the neighbor is loud, but it’s wonderful, it is really freaking wonderful!!!!

I love when I make a attempt to speak a foreign language and in return I get a genuine smile from a local, even better when they just laugh.  I love that I can walk all day around streets I’ve never seen and probably will never see again, it allows you to really appreciate every moment.  I love when a stranger asks if they can help me take a photo so that not all my memories are selfies.  I love when I open a menu in a foreign language with foreign food and I have to order some mystery dish – they pretty much always happen to be really good.  I love walking through buildings that are thousands of years old, imagining those before me that walked along the same stones.  I love the feeling of a plane taking off to some country I barely know anything about.  I love crossing a difficult border successfully, and the relief you feel when you finally reach your destination for the day.  I love being able to drink a beer at anytime of the day – because lets face it, everything is better with a beer!!

I am my happiest when I travel, when I have no home, no security and my whole life is really truly my own.  Everyday is a maze of obstacles, a fresh start, an adventure and full of surprises.  I am my happiest when I travel!



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