A wee little rant

Those of you who are familiar with my previous blog, I know, are aware of my passion to exercise my freedom of speech.  Agree, disagree, it really makes no difference to me, I travel so I can learn and discover, I share so we can grow together.

I love to travel, I love to hop around and see what the world has to offer.  I love to meet people and discover what they’re all about.  Learn different cultures and allow myself to understand this world just a little bit more, one piece at a time.

I will sit straight and eat gracefully with my fork and knife, elbows off the table, just as I will dig into a communal bowl of Sadza with my bare hands.  I will be overjoyed to wear my Brazilian cut bikini on some lovely beach in the Caribbean while soaking in the sun, just as much as I will not hesitate to cover myself from head to toe and yes it includes a headscarf, especially the light blue one that makes my eyes look puuuurdy!  I have and will drink until the early hours of the morning, just as easily as I will go dry in areas of Alcohol taboo.  I will shake your hand, or bow, look away or look you straight in the eye. Sit in a chair, sit on the floor, stand for the old lady on the train.  I will taste all that you offer me, clean my plate dry or leave just one last bite to show i’m full.  I will in short, accustomed myself to my environments because I chose to be there, I chose to leave my comfort zone, my culture and my environment.  After all, I am but a guest.

I consider my fellow human, and I ALSO consider my fellow animals including all mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians and arthropods.  I love my planet, I respect my environments.  Where am I getting at with all of this??  Well it’s simple…

I ensure that I don’t buy that souvenir from that 10 year old, because she shouldn’t be here with me, she should be in school.  I will take a million photos, but I will not take any part of nature home with me.  I personally will not ride that donkey, but if you chose to, all I ask is that you ensure that your weight against theirs is sensible.  Has your donkey eaten today or does it look tired and ill?  If we support the kids selling us souvenirs on the street, then their adult will continue to make them go out day after day.  If we turn a blind eye to the guy who barely feeds the horse that provides for him, then he will continue to starve that poor helpless animal.  If we are not willing to open our minds and attempt to understand before we judge or assume, then we should have stayed at home!

Stop supporting child labor!

Stop destroying our remaining monuments and valuable ruins!

Stop treating animals as your menial servant!

Stop treating the wildlife as though the world is your zoo!

Stop being culturally insensitive!

Stop assuming everyone speaks English and learn a few words in the local language!

Stop being closed minded and look at both sides of the medal!

Ignorance is not an excuse – use your head, search on google, ask a friend or simply just look around!

Note:  Not happy with my entry??  Stop reading my blog!

Additional note:  I know we all make mistakes, I sure have, but it’s how we learn and grow from them that counts.  Planning on traveling somewhere and have some questions, message me and I’ll be happy to give you feedback.. If I don’t know the answer I’ll find out, but please, oh please don’t go in blindly.


2 thoughts on “A wee little rant

  1. Great read full of wisdom and experience. Love to read and follow you on your amazing adventure. Reminds me of when I was a young lad, would of been my kind of thing, travel the world to learn and grow. Please continue to travel this amazing planet and stay safe. Hugs … Mickey ( Michel ) Bertin


    1. Thanks Mickey!! I’m happy you like reading my scribbles and not to worry I have zero plans of growing up, becoming responsible or ending my travels and sometimes ridiculous advenures anytime soon.. LOL xx


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