Just like a balloon in the Dead Sea

Ever tried keeping an inflated balloon under water, just to watch it quickly rise to the top and do a type of little hop once out of the water?  Of course you have, everyone has!!  I visited the Dead Sea to find out that it’s exactly what happens to the human body in the world’s saltiest body of water 400 meters BELOW sea level.

I was in Jordan, I could have gone to the local beach and paid 1/3 of the price but I went to the resort – apparently fancy, but maybe they were pulling my leg.  Anyways, the deal is you get lunch – except I didn’t but I honestly didn’t care, and you get to go for a dip in the Dead Sea which is heavily guarded for boarder control I assume.  Israel or Jerusalem depending where you are on the Dead Sea is on the opposite side just a few kilometers away.

The beach, for sure will go down in my books of Dead Sea 2below average beaches.  Really nothing amazing, but they get away with it because it’s the freaking Dead Sea and you float.   Although that being said, perhaps i’m bias, I have lived in the Caribbean for several years.  But seriously you float.  Walk in, and when the water gets to deep that your head should  be under, your feet will rise from the seafloor and you’ll just float with absolutely NO effort. You can roll around, mess around or just float on your back, but whatever you do, make sure none of this salty water get’s into your eyes.  It’s incredibly salty, I didn’t experience it personally,  but I did accidentally get splashed on my lips, and that was more than enough for me.

The beach in my honest opinion was mediocre, but it didn’t matter.  I covered myself in mud, I splashed around while floating like a human balloon and then my butt started burning.  Don’t judge me, it happens!  So I jumped out and rinsed off, but most importantly, I had a freaking blast and I floated in the Dead Sea!


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