Why every female Globetrotter has a hint of crazy!

GLOBETROTTER – [Glohb-trot-er] noun: A person who travels regularly or frequently to countries all around the world.  dictionary.com

You think she’s cute with that messy doo and that sun kissed glow?  Better think twice about making a move, because i’ll bet she comes with her very own side of crazy!

She’s not your average dudette, she’s strong, she’s independent and she’ll give you a hell of a hard time.  She’s not materialistic, I mean seriously how much material things can a girl pack on her back, and her independent side means she’s not overly keen to ask favors when it comes to storing a box or two at a friends house.  So when picking out a gift, it will require more thought than some useless jewelry, some slutty lingerie- which lets be honest is more for your benefit or tacky flowers and chocolates.  So if you can’t think of something more heartfelt, or something much more valuable in her eyes, you may want to let her stroll on by.

She doesn’t give a shit about her job.  It could be a little thing on the side for extra cash or that big corporate dream job making a hell of a good salary.  But here’s the thing, she’s quite clever and she knows that at the end of the day, she’s but another number to that employer, so she treats them just the same.  She’s a hard worker, she’s determined and she has a hell of a drive, so she’ll find something else, if she wants, when she wants. So if financial security is high on your list, you may want to let her stroll on by.

We all know that in her life, a 3 month trip could easily turn into a year abroad. You must never joke with a Globetrotter about some spontaneous ridiculous trip to some mental destination because she’ll have the tickets booked before you can say “just kidding”.  So if spontaneity is not your thing, you may want to let her stroll on by.

She will eat those fried bugs at the street stall, she will sit at the dirty table in the hole of a restaurant if aaa7ll the locals eat there, she will take part in the dance or the chant or the prayer even though her little atheist soul can’t dance or sing for her life.  She will walk for miles in search of that perfect lookout point, she will take buses, trains, taxis, tuk tuks, planes, metros and even hitch a ride with a stranger if it means getting just one step closer.  So if adventure is not your thing, you may want to let her stroll on by.


She will spend her days studying about cultures and ethics and politics, and she will expect you to know just as much.  She is after all a proper traveler, a nomad, a citizen of this planet, don’t you dare act like a lost tourist in her presence.  She knows the world map like the back of her hand, she wants to see every single one of those beautiful countries and when she’s seen them all, she’ll want to go back.  She’ll never have enough because her body, her soul, her very existence is travel.  Without it she’s lost, so if settling down is on your list, you know that proper little house behind the white picket fence.  Ya, it’s nothing more than a cage for her, so you may want to let her stroll on by.

She has many children, of all ages and they are all around the world.  She loves them as aaaaaathough they were her own.  Those beautiful girls she brought lunch to for all those weeks,  that Orphanage that still clamps her heart, the social center where she taught them all those things and we can’t forget all the cute ones she’s played games with or shared lollies with.  They are all her children, and they keep her mighty busy.  So if spreading your seed,  or “creating your own” is high on your list, you may want to let her stroll on by.

She is loud and confident.  She knows her shit, especially when it comes to cultures or history or politics.  She truly doesn’t care if you’re pale, tanned, brown, dark brown, black or any other shade for that matter, she doesn’t care if you’re Catholic, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Pastafarian, Shinto, or Atheist, and she most certainly doesn’t care if you’re poor or rich, if you went to public school or private school, have a certificate, diploma, degree or PhD.  She doesn’t care if you’re gay, bi, straight, lesbian or just experimenting, after-all it’s not any of her business right!  She does however, expect you to be kind, open minded, non-judgmental, honest and fair. So if that’s something that doesn’t come naturally to you, you may want to let her stroll on by.

She’s feisty, she’s strong, she stands up for what she believes in.  She will pack up and leave with a moments notice, she will sleep anywhere, eat anything, sip on homemade booze while attempting to keep her poker face and try everything at least once.  She cannot be held down, she cannot be intimidated or ordered around.  She’s got a full dose of crazy in her, because after all, she’s quit her job (several times) sold her things, left her friends and her loved ones to escape to a world full of insecurities and instability.  She will spend all her money, spend hours, even days on a train and fall asleep on the beach.  She is a Globetrotter, she craves adventure, a new story to tell and that perfect photo. You cannot make her choose, so if that’s a problem for you, you may want to let her stroll on by.

Actually, on second thought, just let her stroll on by, because that’s what she does best!



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