With over 200 inhabited islands, how do you chose which to visit?  Planning any trip always requires a considerable amount of research, but planning a trip through the Greek islands brings this to a whole new level.  After much consideration, we chose Naxos, Paros, Mykonos and Tinos.  The mix of the 4 islands allowed us … More YAMAS!!!!

A wee little rant

Those of you who are familiar with my previous blog, I know, are aware of my passion to exercise my freedom of speech.  Agree, disagree, it really makes no difference to me, I travel so I can learn and discover, I share so we can grow together. I love to travel, I love to hop … More A wee little rant


There are some places that blow your mind and writing about them comes almost too easily.  There are some places that really aren’t overly impressive, or perhaps weren’t memory friendly so you chose not to write about them, and then there are places like Egypt.  A place I could only dream of visiting, a place … More Egypt

The roof of Africa

WARNING: Contains coarse language, if easily offended – don’t read. 6 days is probably not recommended as adequate training for climbing the worlds highest free standing mountain and the highest mountain on the African Continent, but with spur of the moment decisions, comes, well basically anything people will throw at you because beggars can’t be … More The roof of Africa

Sometimes you get just what you paid for.

  Pennies do count when you’re travelling for this long, and although I’m not cheap, I can’t say I’m not “financially responsible”..  See how classy I made that sound! Anyways, I do look up my options, I research flights, buses, taxis, public transportation, and any other means of local transportation if it means saving a … More Sometimes you get just what you paid for.

Mesmerized by Zambia

I always look forward to those destinations that don’t even show up on the map.  Those small middle of nowhere towns, where it’s quiet, secluded and forever peaceful.   Zambia was the perfect treasure box of nowhere towns.  I found mine by searching google maps on super zoom mode and following the main road across the … More Mesmerized by Zambia